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Pretty Edible Things

The reprieve of mealtime compels us to a communal participation in appetite and aesthetic. When in harmony, what sustains us and what excites us becomes a celebration of you and me -ness, a reminder that what we crave has less to do with cake as it has to do with the icing we as children scammed off our mothers’ beaters. For these reasons, the things that make up food and drink- the techniques of combination and the ingredients therein- bear consideration, poking at, smelling, botching, spilling.

Parsley Sage Rosemary & Thyme Catering in San Francisco’s South Bay and Silicon Valley has been exploring food and cocktail traditions internationally for over 25 years. As their resident bartender, I once again get to join them in this project and share my findings with you.

Thank you for stopping by,

Nicole Lynch


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